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Viking Energy Glass is a new and innovative service which allows energy conscious consumers to upgrade their glass without changing their window frames!

We can upgrade single glazing to double glazing and in some cases upgrade your single glazing to triple glazing without changing your existing frames!

We also offer consumers the opportunity to upgrade to the very latest in energy efficient double glazing and even triple glazing all without changing existing window frames.

Our service usually costs up to 50% less than a complete window replacement and our double glazed units are typically 60% more efficient than standard double glazing.

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Viking Energy Glass Clearly Makes Cents!

LATEST NEWS: Wexford Viking Glass is pleased to announce the arrival of Pilkington K Glass™ S in Ireland.

Pilkington K Glass™ S is the latest low e product from Pilkington Glass and Wexford Viking Glass is the first company in Ireland to manufacture its double and triple glazed units using the very latest in energy efficient glass.

For more information please contact us or visit this Pilkington Glass link

Sample U-Values

Single Glazing 5.8 U-Value
Standard Double Glazing 2.7 (Prior to 2004)
"Energy Glass" Double Glazing 1.2
"Energy Glass" Triple Glazing 0.6
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All upgrades are completed by approved professional installers, and our no mess, no fuss fit will be completed within the same day. Contact us to find out who your nearest supplier is.

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